Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cullaloe 23/07/2014

Another good night with fog although numbers were down this time - fortunately, as it allowed me to go back to bed for another hour's sleep! Spent about half an hour walking the paths and netting flying objects last night with my daughter - more than we could catch by far with one net and one headtorch between us. We did manage to snag a Phoenix this way, which was a good catch. I also peeked under the forewing of a Smoky Wainscot to make sure it checked out - everything was kosher under there. Beautiful Carpet, which I think should check out, is a new NT18 species I think. Burnished Brass was a cracking looking moth, but it's appeal is hard to convey with a photo as it depends on the right incident light to show its shiny bits.

The list
Large Emerald (1)
Peppered (1)
Lesser Swallow Prominent (1)
Dark Arches (6)
LYU (13)
Poplar Hawk-moth (1)
Small Fan-footed Wave (3)
Coulded Border (3)
Silver-ground Carpet (1)
Shaded Broad-bar (5)
Smoky Wainscot (4)
Flame Carpet (1)
Snout (2)
Beautiful Carpet (1)
Common White Wave (1)
Common Rustic agg. (1)
Dark Marbled Carpet (1)
Mother of Pearl (3)
Mottled Beauty (1)
Twin-spot Carpet (2)
Golden-rod Pug (1)

The new

Burnished Brass


Beautiful Carpet

The known

Dark Marbled Carpet

Poplar H-M

Large emerald


Lesser Swallow Prominent (thx DD)

Dark Arches

Twin-spot Carpet

Golden-rod Pug

One of them big micros ... Mother of Pearl

Apotomis betuletana

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