Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Mossmorran Brassy Twist, 25-05-2016

Lovely name they've given this little guy - AKA Eulia ministrana. This one was found in a birch tree at Mossmorran this morning

Small Phoenix - Castle Brae

The office wall species grows by one more. Another nice looking micro escaped while trying to capture it, sadly.

Yellow-ringed Carpet, Mull

While creeping down a gulley to look at bryophytes on a rock seepage (very glamorous), I disturbed a moth from the gulley wall. As luck would have it I had a bag with a moth net and a sweep net in it and was able to catch said moth for a closer look. Turns out it was a Yellow-ringed Carpet - a pretty scarce moth which is an upland and western (mostly) species with very few records post-2000. I always enjoy putting a dot on a map but some dots are more enjoyable than others

Monday, 23 May 2016

Peppered Moth, Dunfermline

The 16th species I have found on my office wall. Usually they re above the uplighters that shine on the wall but this one was in a random spot, maybe pulled there by the small garden. Who knows. Lovely moths, anyway