Monday, 28 July 2014

Cullaloe 26/07/2014

Rainy night for the public moth night at Cullaloe, but we managed to tough it out between 21:00 and midnight with two MVs and a heath trap and catch a decent range of species, with 13 additions to the year list and a good few species additions to the reserve list. The order sadly is odd (extract from iRecord sorted by preferred name) and I haven't adjusted it by code.

The list
Light Arches (new for reserve)
Dark Arches
Double Lobed (new for reserve and hectad NT18)
Common Wave
Light Emerald
Antler Moth (new for reserve)
Dun-bar (new for reserve)
Purple Clay (new for reserve)
Small Square-spot (new for reserve)
Orange Swift (new for reserve)
July Highflyer
Small Fan-footed Wave
Common Rustic
Shoulder-striped Wainscot
Smoky Wainscot
Common Wainscot
Lesser Yellow Underwing
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing
Large Yellow Underwing
Middle-barred Minor
Marbled Minor agg. (new for reserve)
Brimstone Moth
Lesser Swallow Prominent
Swallow Prominent (new for reserve)
Gold Spot (new for reserve)
Lempke's Gold Spot (new for reserve)
Shaded Broad-bar
Dotted Clay
Six-striped Rustic (new for reserve)
Double-square Spot
Mother of Pearl

The pictures

Orange Swift

Light Arches

Lempke's Gold Spot

Dun Bar (light bar from head torch/pot!)

Swallow prominent

Purple Clay

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cullaloe 23/07/2014

Another good night with fog although numbers were down this time - fortunately, as it allowed me to go back to bed for another hour's sleep! Spent about half an hour walking the paths and netting flying objects last night with my daughter - more than we could catch by far with one net and one headtorch between us. We did manage to snag a Phoenix this way, which was a good catch. I also peeked under the forewing of a Smoky Wainscot to make sure it checked out - everything was kosher under there. Beautiful Carpet, which I think should check out, is a new NT18 species I think. Burnished Brass was a cracking looking moth, but it's appeal is hard to convey with a photo as it depends on the right incident light to show its shiny bits.

The list
Large Emerald (1)
Peppered (1)
Lesser Swallow Prominent (1)
Dark Arches (6)
LYU (13)
Poplar Hawk-moth (1)
Small Fan-footed Wave (3)
Coulded Border (3)
Silver-ground Carpet (1)
Shaded Broad-bar (5)
Smoky Wainscot (4)
Flame Carpet (1)
Snout (2)
Beautiful Carpet (1)
Common White Wave (1)
Common Rustic agg. (1)
Dark Marbled Carpet (1)
Mother of Pearl (3)
Mottled Beauty (1)
Twin-spot Carpet (2)
Golden-rod Pug (1)

The new

Burnished Brass


Beautiful Carpet

The known

Dark Marbled Carpet

Poplar H-M

Large emerald


Lesser Swallow Prominent (thx DD)

Dark Arches

Twin-spot Carpet

Golden-rod Pug

One of them big micros ... Mother of Pearl

Apotomis betuletana

Hill of Beath, 20/07/2014

Bit behind with this one as photos ended up on my phone, but here we go...

Garden Tiger (1)
Doble Square-spot (1)
LYU (5)
Dark Arches (13)
Light Emerald (1)
Common Rustic agg. (3)
Marbled Beauty (4)
Unknown Pug (1)

Monday, 21 July 2014

Cullaloe 19/07/2014

21:30-05:00: Foggy night

A great night with the biggest haul the heath trap has ever seen - around 100 moths trapped with no groundsheet and all moths more or less inside the trap - a few loitering on the sides and vanes.

The list
1657 Common Lutestring (1)
1713 Riband Wave (7)
1727 Silver-Ground Carpet (1) (netted at dusk)
1732 Shaded Broad-bar (1)
1755 Chevron (1)
1758 Barred Straw (1)
1777 July Highflyer (9)
1806 Pretty Pinion (1) *
1887 Clouded Border (2)
1906 Brimstone (2)1931 Peppered Moth (1) *
1955 Common White Wave (1)
1961 Light Emerald (1)
1981 Poplar Hawk-moth (1)
2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent (1) *
2008 Coxcomb Prominent (2)
2105 Dotted Rustic (2) *
2107 Large Y.U. (35)
2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing (1) *
2110 Broad-bordered Y.U.(1) *
2111 Lesser Broad-Bordered Y.U. *
2198 Smoky Wainscot (4)
2199 Common Wainscot (1)
2268 The Suspected (1) *
2321 Dark Arches (5)
2477 Snout (2)

* new for reserve

The Special (a new category!)

The Suspected (new to NT18 & only its 2nd hectad in VC85)
As far as I can discern the above species has only been recorded from one other hectad in Fife, and the last record was from 1971. This is clearly the biggest win of mothing at Cullaloe so far. Its habitat is Birch and Sallow, so it should be right at home in the middle of the Birch/Sallow carr I caught it in.

The New

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Pretty Pinion

Pretty Pinion - an Eyebright species, of which there is plenty

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Common lutestring

Common lutestring - fp:betula

Peppered moth

Lesser Yellow Underwing

Lesser Broad-Bordered Y.U.

Lesser Broad-Bordered Y.U.

Dotted Rustic

The others

Clouded Border



Riband Wave

Light Emerald

Common White Wave

July Highflyer

Coxcomb Priminent

Smoky Wainscot

Shaded Broad-bar

Large Yellow Underwing

Poplar Hawk-moth

Dark Arches
Beautiful Golden Y

Mottled beauty
Knackered Snout