Monday, 19 May 2014

Hill of Beath, Heath Trap, 18/05/2014

Mild evening, overcast but didn't rain.

Since I didn't catch much of anything on the previous outing I didn't feel it would be too disruptive to put the trap out again. Fortunately I decided to get up before sunrise to check the trap as I suspect I would have lost one of the darpets which was resting on the top. I recorded my biggest crop of Hebrew Chars by far, and when I woke up for the second time at about 7 they had all dispersed somewhere in my shed! Lesson learned there. I'll have to open the shed door and hope some of them might leave tonight. I also found my first back garden diving beetle. I would have put it in the pond, only I don't have a pond! Wonder where it was going from/to.

2190 Hebrew Character (6)
1759 Small Phoenix (1)
1728 Garden Carpet (1)

Small Phoenix

Garden Carpet

Diving Beetle

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