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Friday 9th April - HOB, Falkland Palace

With my own new heath trap out in the garden I headed for Falkland Palace, where I will hope to be 'manning' their moth trap occasionally throughout the year. Weather was a bit breezy and the sky was clear, so it wasn't with high expectations that we left the trap running. The haul in the morning was not extensive, but it did add three species to the site list. With this being the earliest date in the year the site had been worked the common Common Quaker was a new addition, as was Brindled Pug and a nicely patterned micro, Syndemis musculana.There is also one more micro that may be ID'd and added to the list later

(Addendum: unidentified micro was 688, A.heracliana, also new for the site)

688 Agonopterix heracliana

986 Syndemis musculana

1722 Flame Carpet Xanthorhoe designata
1759 Small Phoenix Ecliptopera silaceata
1834 Common Pug
1852 Brindled Pug
2187 Common Quaker (2)
2190 Hebrew Character (2)

view from the orchard

Common Quaker

Flame Carpet

Syndemis musculana

Common Pug

Small Phoenix

Hebrew Character

Brindled Pug (to be confirmed)

Natural habitat pose

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