Monday, 10 April 2017

07/04/2017 - Cullaloe LNR (Small Quaker)

A rare visit to Cullaloe this year for the first of two "public" moth trapping events. A good time to visit as April has been underdone moth-wise. As a result three new additions on the moth front and one new wasp, in addition to a spider that wasn't recorded for 15 years.

Three traps were run, each adding one species to the list. Small Quakers were numerous at the pines while a second MV at the spillway produced one Twin-spotted Quaker. The third addition came from an actinic heath trap at the filter beds - Double-striped Pug. Only 7 species of moth were found on the night so that's a pretty good hit rate!

Also at the pines were two Ophion obscuratus wasps. A female wolf spider - Trochosa terricola - was caught pathside as its eyes reflected the torchlight.

Small Quaker

The species list:
Small Quaker
Common Quaker
Hebrew Character
Double-striped Pug (1)
Shoulder Stripe (1)
Twin-spotted Quaker (1)
Diurnea fagella

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