Monday, 3 August 2015

Mossmorran 31st July

Head torch 21:45-22:30

An intended trip to Falkland vanished away under rain but Mossmorran remained clear for a brief spell allowing a few nice moths to be picked up. Hoped for a Single-dotted Wave as it would have been a new hectad record, but none were forthcoming.

Dark Arches (1)
Snout (1)
Flame Shoulder (1)
Antler (2)
Shoulder-striped Wainscot (2)
Burnished Brass (1)
Clouded Border (2)
July Highflyer (5)
Pretty Pinion (1) (photographed this time)  
Small Fan-footed Wave (2) 

Agriphila tristella, Common Grass-veneer, were out and about in numbers, there was a Pandemis heparana, Dark Fruit-tree Tortri, and some moss moths (i.e. Scopariinae), one of which I took and have no final determination on yet - a Eudonia or Scoparia.

July highflyer

Small Fan-footed Wave


Pretty Pinion
Burnished Brass

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