Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mossmorran, 21/07/2015

22:00-23:00 headtorch

Gold Spangle (1)
Common Wave (3)
Light Emerald (1)
Yellow Shell (3)
July Highflyer (1)
Snout (5)
Riband Wave (1)
Small Fan-footed Wave (1)
Clouded Border (3)
Shoulder-striped Wainscot (1)
Small Dotted Buff (2)
Gold Spot (1)
Shaded Broad-bar (3)
Garden Carpet (1)
Silver-ground Carpet (2)

One interesting thing about guerrilla mothing with a headtorch is that you observe behaviour rather than just a box full of moths. The Snouts were all over a patch of young birches, but if they had been in a trap I would have just known there were a lot of Snouts about. Clouded Border likes to hang out on low leaves, even during the day, but a couple were noted on Tufted Hair Grass flowers. The golden spotted species were flying low amongst the grasses. The Light Emerald was hiding between birch leaves, inactive, and I remember that this species became active much later on during a previous visit.

Interestingly far more species were picked up around the birches and the grasses than the willows. Shame I didn't get a pug now I've converted from loathing to loving them.

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