Monday, 13 October 2014

Falkland Palace, 10th October 2014, Hill of Beath 11th

Ran the trap between 19:40 and 21:40, which at times seemed a long shift. There were numerous 'November Moth Types' around the trap and perched in various trees, and besides that a Red-green Carpet settled on the cloth. At half past nine I decided to crack open the trap just to see if I was missing things, and in the middle of the trap, all on its own, was the Black Rustic below. It was the only moth in the trap. I decided to call it a night. In November I will go the whole hog and leave the trap overnight. There just isn't enough action to justify standing around. What there is, though, is a new record for the gardens and for the hectad NO20 - a gap nicely plugged as the species is recorded in almost all other hectads in the county (full sized ones, not bits of coast!)

'November' moth

Black Rustic

Black Rustic

The following night in Hill of Beath I also managed one moth - a Brick

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