Monday, 4 August 2014

Falkland Palace, 01/08/2014

"Creatures of the Night" annual public moth trapping at falkland saw three MV traps going, but the temperature dropped sharply as the sun went and things were strangely quiet. The trap in the normal place looked like it would have done well. That is, it might have done well if it hadn't drawn in a swarm of wasps from a nearby nest! It had to be relocated, so it probably didn't do as well as it might have. Only about 20 species had been recorded by the time I left at 11:45'ish, but the number went up to 34 by the morning, with 350 individual moths noted, many of which were, naturally, Large Yellow Underwings. There were some nice species that I missed which would have been new to me, not least Gold Spangle.

New for the palace list: 
Macros: Slender Brindle, Haworth’s Minor, Gold Spangle, Grey Chi
Micros: Mother of Pearl, Brown China Mark, Bird Cherry Ermine, Crambus perlella, Crambus Lathoniellus 

Twin-spotted Carpet
Slender Brindle
6-striped Rustic
Common Carpet
Common Rustic
July Highflyer
Smoky Wainscots
Common Wainscot
Dark Arches
Dotted Clay
True-lover’s Knot
Broad-bordered YU
Lesser YU
Rosy Rustic
Haworth’s Minor
Gold Spangle
Burnished Brass
Grey Chi
Small Phoenix
Riband Wave
Barred Straw
Garden Carpet

Mother of Pearl
Brown China Mark
Bird Cherry Ermine
Agriphila tristella
Crambus perlella
Blastobasis Adustella
Crambus Lathoniellus


Burnished Brass

Brown China-mark

Slender Brindle

Bird Cherry Ermine

Six-striped Rustic

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