Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cullaloe 01/07/2014 - Seeing Double

Interestingly species continue to turn up at Cullaloe which I've had in Hill of Beath. Works well for me because it's easier to spend time doing ID from ones at home and I can just write them down in the field. This time Double Square-spot is the new addition for Cullaloe. I do have one entirely new to me though with a noctuid that looks like it's had an extension built onto the back - superlong appearance, and  a lovely moth (Large Yellow Underwing it would seem. I expect I'll be seeing more of this!). Shouldn't be hard to look up I expect and nor should the micro I think - nice clean pattern, and kind of a light looking fruit tortrix so I should be able to get it I hope.

(also when at the reserve to place the trap I had Common Wave, Clouded Border, Chimneysweep, Latticed Heath, Silver-ground Carpet and Straw Dot)

The count
Clouded Border (6)
Common Wave (3)
Mottled Beauty (1)
Shoulder-striped Wainscot (1)
Light Emerald (2)
Double Square-spot (2)
Double Dart (2)
Dark Arches (1)
White Ermine (1)
Lare Yellow Underwing (1)

The unknowns

Unknown micro (1)

The pictures

Double Square-spot

White Ermine

Seeing Double - Darts
Large Yellow Underwing

Large Yellow Underwing

The unknown pictures

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